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Deep Tendon Reflex Examination and Evaluation Key Features
The following section will briefly describe the key features of the guide. The learner is encouraged to review the “Read Me First” page if they have not already done so.

Performance Tools
Performance tools reflect a variety of resources that can be used to augment the learning experience, such as a laboratory study guide, worksheets, and study tools. Most performance tools will offer the option to open the tool in Acrobat Reader, save the tools for future use ,and/or print the tool for use in the classroom, laboratory, or clinic.

Learning Checkpoint Testing Interactions
This module contains a variety of testing interactions that will allow the learner to test their understanding of module content. Testing interactions are spread throughout the module and include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and drag and drop interactions. All testing interactions provide appropriate feedback to enhance learning.

Flash Video
The module contains Flash videos of the procedures covered in the module as performed by a clinical expert.


Please try the 2020 beta release of the DTR Study Guide. If this module is used by your course instructor, please let them know an updated version is available.

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Section: Overview
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