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Test to be performed - Stereognosis
Stereognosis tests the individual’s ability to perceive and integrate a variety of sensory modalities and to interpret the stimuli to identify small objects placed in the hand. 

Expected findings - The individual can successfully identify 90-100% of all objects placed in his/her hand within 2-3 seconds of placement.

Equipment - Several of the following items: paper clips, pens, pencils, coins, erasers, dominos, dice, keys, and cotton balls

Testing procedure

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient with his/her eyes open. For example, “I will be placing several common items in your hand, one item at a time, and I would like you to identify the item by name.”
  2. Demonstrate the procedure with the patient’s eyes open until the patient understands the procedure to be performed.
  3. The patient closes his/her eyes, or vision is otherwise occluded.
  4. Place objects in the individual’s hand, one object at a time.
  5. Ask the patient to sufficiently identify the object.
  6. The procedure is repeated with at least five objects.
  7. Document findings.
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Section: Stereognosis
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