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Test to be performed - Touch awareness (cotton ball)
Touch awareness tests the individual’s ability to perceive a light touch and is classified as exteroception.

Expected findings - The individual will be able to indicate, without hesitation, when the stimulus is presented.

Equipment - Cotton ball, hair brush, or facial tissue

Testing procedure - method one

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient with his/her eyes open. For example, “I am going to lightly touch various parts of your arms (or other body part) with this ball of cotton,” or “when you feel the cotton touching you, say ‘Now.’”
  2. Demonstrate the procedure with the patient’s eyes open until the patient understands the procedure to be performed.
  3. The patient closes his/her eyes, or vision is otherwise occluded.
  4. Lightly touch the applicable body regions with the piece of cotton using consistent and minimal contact pressure.
  5. Vary the time between stimuli to avoid developing a rhythmic pattern. 
  6. Repeat throughout suspected areas.
  7. Document findings.
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Section: Exteroception
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