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Touch localization
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Test to be performed - Touch localization (felt-tipped pen and tape measure)
Touch localization tests the individual’s ability to perceive where on the skin he/she was touched with a light stimulus.

Expected findings - The individual will be able to precisely indicate where he/she was touched.

Equipment - Felt-tipped pen and tape measure or flexible ruler

Testing procedure - method two

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient with his/her eyes open. For example, “I am going to lightly touch various parts of your arms (or other body part) with this felt-tipped pen, and when you feel the pen touching you, I want you to point to where you were touched and leave your finger there while I take a measurement.” 
  2. Demonstrate the procedure with the patient’s eyes open until the patient understands the procedure to be performed.
  3. The patient closes his/her eyes, or vision is otherwise occluded.
  4. Lightly and quickly touch the body part with the tip of the pen with sufficient pressure to leave a single and small ink mark.
  5. Have the patient point to where he or she was touched.
  6. Measure the distance between the mark left by the felt-tipped pen and the finger. Use the middle of the end of the fingernail as the reference point for measurement.
  7. Repeat throughout suspected areas.
  8. Document findings.
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Section: Touch localization
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