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Test to be performed - Extinction (simultaneous double touch)
Extinction tests the individual’s ability to perceive two simultaneous light touches.

Expected Findings - The individual will be able to perceive two touches when touched in two different areas of the body.

Equipment - None

Testing procedure

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient with his/her eyes open. For example, “I am going to touch various parts of your arms (or other body part) with my finger, and when you feel the touch, tell me if I touched you in one or two areas.”
  2. Demonstrate the procedure with the patient’s eyes open until the patient understands the procedure to be performed.
  3. The patient closes his/her eyes, or vision is otherwise occluded.
  4. Lightly and concurrently touch two different body regions with the tip of your right and left index fingers.
  5. Ask the patient to identify one or two points of contact.
    • Touch proximal and distal areas on the same limb
    • Touch the same area on the opposite limb
    • Touch proximal and distal areas on the opposite limb
  6. Vary the time between stimuli to avoid developing a rhythmic pattern. 
  7. Repeat throughout suspected areas.
  8. Document findings.
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Section: Extinction
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