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Using the Somatosensory Examination and Evaluation Study Guide
This module will walk the student or clinician through the fundamentals of performing an effective examination and evaluation of somatosensation. The module is divided into sections for ease of use and will follow a sequence that reflects exteroceptive sensation, proprioceptive sensation, and discriminative sensation. The guide was not designed to replace a comprehensive neurological-rehabilitation or evaluation course or text. Additionally, because this module was designed to be completed along with a hands-on laboratory or clinical practice, the learner should complete the laboratory performance study aid as they complete this module. The individual sections of the module are described below.

Section Description
Introduction Introduces the topic to be covered
Review Provides the learner with a review of foundational concepts (foundational knowledge will not be tested and is not required to successfully complete this module)
Tests to be performed Describes, in simple terms, which test(s) or measure(s) will be performed
Expected findings Describes the expected/normal findings for a given test or measure
Equipment Describes the required equipment for a given test or measure
Testing procedures Specifically describes testing procedures
Special instructions Provides additional instructions and information if needed
Clinical notes and interpretation Provides clinical considerations and interpretations beyond normal or abnormal interpretation of findings
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Section: Overview
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