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Glossary of Terms
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Reliability: The ability to reproduce data findings consistently.

Semi-comatose: A state of consciousness in which patients will only respond to persistent and vigorous stimulation.  Patients in this state have extensive brain dysfunction.

Sensory Receptors: A sensory nerve ending or a sense organ that produces an impulse when stimulated.

Snellen Chart: A chart that is used to assess vision.

Somatosensation: The ability to perceive sensations from the skin.  Sensory receptors and sensory tracts are a few components that allow one to perceive these sensations.

Stereognosis: The ability to perceive and integrate a variety of sensory modalities and interpret the stimuli to identify small objects placed in the hand.

Stupor: A state of consciousness in which the patient is difficult to arouse and, when aroused, is confused. Constant stimulation is required to elicit any type of response.

Summation: An event that occurs when many stimuli that alone are too weak to cause a response build upon one another to create a large enough stimulus to evoke a response.

Synergy: Occurs when two or more components work together to carry out an action.

Tactile: The ability to perceive the sense of touch.

Temperature:  A measure of heat within an individual. The normal range for adults is 97.80 ° F to 99.0 ° F.

Thermoreceptors: A sensory receptor that is sensitive to increases or decreases in temperature.

Touch Awareness: Being aware of the tactile senses.

Touch Localization: The ability to determine where tactile sensations are coming from. 

Two Point Discrimination: A test in which the examiner determines the smallest distance in which the examinee can discriminate between two different points of contact. 

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